Oncological diagnostics – Special laboratory techniques

There are good means to improve a tumour therapy by making it more targeted and specific.To this end we conduct a drug test (maintrac method), a chemotherapy and natural substance resistance test (RGCC test) or a Tumour Necrosis Factor Blood Test (TNF alpha blood test) in collaboration with highly specialised laboratories.

The procedure is similar to an antibiotics resistance test, in which reaction to a drug is tested prior to treatment in order to improve accuracy and to avoid resistance.

Thus, the therapeutic programme can be more precisely tailored and tested in advance, to determine whether it would be more effective to give Curcuma, Vitamin C, DCA or B17 (Amygdalin). The analysis is derived from the blood.

The RGCC blood analysis examines circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells. The results are then implemented in terms of personalized cancer therapy. This can mean, for example, the implementation of hyperthermia treatment or the administration of curcumin infusions.

Without diagnostics, you’re in the dark …

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