Colon Hydrotherapy

Healthy gut – healthy you

Colonic irrigations and enemas are ancient healing methods using water and massage.
Experience has shown that there are hardly any people left with normal bowel function. Many people suffer from a disturbed symbiosis, i.e. a disturbance in the natural symbiosis of intestinal bacteria and humans.

What stresses the gut and makes it sick?
Denatured foods, poor nutrition, environmental pollution, toxins and misuse of medication destroy the balance between humans and bacteria.

Oxygen no longer reaches the tissue sufficiently. Toxins and waste products are no longer broken down and excreted quickly enough. A slow self-poisoning process is set in motion that spreads to the entire human system.

What symptoms indicate a disturbed intestinal flora?
Constipation, flatulence, bad breath and skin problems are obvious consequences of this toxic load.

Allergies, fungal infections (internal / external), migraines, lack of concentration, depression, anxiety, joint problems, sleep disorders, increased susceptibility to infections and a general loss of vitality can also be traced back to a diseased gut.

Carrying out colon hydrotherapy

The treatment with the colonic irrigation device takes place in a comfortable lying position. During the approximately 40-minute flushing time, water flows into the bowel through a plastic tube at varying temperatures. The water and the dissolved bowel contents are drained through a closed system via an odorless drainage tube.

Through a gentle abdominal massage, the therapist can feel existing problem areas and help to dissolve the oldest deposits in the intestines. The dissolving effect of the water and the simultaneous warm-cold stimulation of the intestine cause it to start working again and automatically move the accumulated, stagnant intestinal contents. (Kneipp cure in the colon)

By cleansing the large intestine and also sections of the small intestine using the new, gentle method of colon hydrotherapy, we create an optimal basis for the regeneration of the intestinal environment and the restoration and strengthening of the immune system. The treatment is always gentle, careful and hygienic.

How often should colon hydrotherapy be performed?

Many patients who already have a significantly impaired general condition report an improvement after 6 to 10 treatments with colon hydrotherapy alone.

Similar to fasting, this method can be used as a preventative measure and has proven successful for many people as an annual application of around 2 to 5 flushes to keep the intestine, the root of our immune system, healthy.

Enema with intestinal bacteria instead of stool transplantation

The effectiveness of the Colon Hydrotherapy can be further increased if an enema with lenient, reproducible intestinal bacteria is performed after the treatment. A stool transplant, which has been researched for some time and is time-consuming and expensive, can thus be avoided.

What else can you do for your gut?

Since in many cases there is a shift in the intestinal flora (dysbiosis), which we very often detect in stool analyses, intestinal rehabilitation with pre- and probiotics is advisable. The so-called “leaky gut syndrome”, an increased permeability of the intestinal tract, should and can also be treated in this way.

Drinking herbal teas and warm water to support the elimination process is another important supplementary measure.

Therapeutic fasting, the use of homeopathic/biological remedies, acupuncture, Kneipp treatments, sauna, etc. are also highly recommended supplements. And don’t forget to chew your food thoroughly at rest!

A very important step is to change/improve your diet. However, the quality of the food cannot be broken down in a contaminated intestine and the body cannot recover, or only very slowly, despite the best food.

Therefore, this step without colon hydrotherapy can be compared to the project of an organic farm that is to be built on the site of a toxic waste dump.

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