Intestinal Health – the Foundation of Wellbeing

Intestinal rinses and enemas are ancient healing methods that utilise water and massage. Experience shows that these days there is almost nobody, who still has normally functioning intestines. Many people suffer from a disturbed symbiosis, an imbalance of the natural ecology of the intestinal flora.

What causes bowel disease?

Denatured foods, wrong diet, environmental toxins, poisons and the misuse of drugs will destroy the balance between the body and its bacteria.

Oxygen no longer reaches the tissues in sufficient quantities. Toxins and metabolic waste products are no longer broken down and eliminated fast enough. A slow process of self-poisoning is set into motion and spreads throughout the whole body.

What are the symptoms of a disturbed intestinal flora?

Constipation, gas, bad breath and skin problems are obvious consequences of this toxic load.

Allergies, fungal infection (internal/external), migraine, lack of concentration, depression, anxiety, joint problems, sleep disorders, heightened susceptibility to infections, as well as a general loss of vitality, can also be traced back to intestinal disease.