Dr. med. Uwe Günter

Dr. med. Uwe Günter

Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery
Holistic orthopaedics and biological medicine
Focus on acupuncture and neural therapy​​​​


I was born in Merseburg/Saxony-Anhalt in 1967, graduated from high school there in 1986 and studied human medicine in Greifswald in 1993.

Since then I have been working as a doctor in further training and since 2003 as a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery.

In my own practice in Berlin, I have developed a holistic approach to the complaints and treatment strategies of our patients.

The focus is on acupuncture, neural therapy and manual medicine as well as nutritional and orthomolecular medicine.

This led me to become a tutor for Drs. Horst Becke and Rainer Wander, honorary presidents of the German Society for Acupuncture and Neural Therapy (DGfAN), of which I have been president since 2021 and continue to teach with dedicated colleagues from Berlin, Germany and Austria.

For me, the call to work in this clinic represents a further step in the cooperation with colleagues and employees as well as the further development of the common view and philosophy of understanding people holistically and biologically and thus helping with any subjective and objective disorder of healing and regeneration.

Professional experience

  • since 2022 Lecturer of the Medical Association for Ozone Application in Prevention and Therapy
  • since 2021 President of the German Society for Acupuncture and Neural Therapy (DGfAN) e.V.
  • since 2020 Lecturer of the German Spine Society (DWG)
  • since 2013 Lecturer of the German Society for Acupuncture and Neural Therapy (DGfAN) e.V. (President MR Dr. Wander)
  • Since 01/2003 own KV and private practice for holistic orthopaedics and biological medicine in Berlin-Lichtenberg/Hohenschönhausen with a focus on acupuncture and neural therapy
  • 11/2000 – 06/2002 Completion of specialist training at the Hoppegarten Rehabilitation Clinic near Berlin (Prof. Dr. Hähnel✝)
  • 10/1999 – 10/2000 Specialist training in the Department of Trauma Surgery at the Berlin-Pankow Hospital (PD Dr. Heller✝)
  • 06/1996 – 09/1999 Specialist training in the Clinic for Orthopaedics at the Klinikum Bad Saarow (Dr. Schossee)
  • 07/1994 – 05/1996 Internship at the Clinic for Neurosurgery at the Berlin-Buch Clinic (Dr. Nisch✝)
  • 10/1993 – 06/1994 Internship in the Department of Orthopaedics and Surgery at Wriezen Hospital (Dr. Svacina✝)

Training/further training

  • 2013 Lecturer at the German Society for Acupuncture and Neural Therapy (DGfAN) e.V.
  • 2008 Specialist qualification in trauma surgery
  • 2007 Additional qualification in acupuncture
  • 2004 Master of acupuncter of the DGfAN
  • 2003 Additional qualification in sports medicine
  • 2002 Specialist in orthopaedics
  • 2001 Master of neuraltherapy of the DGfAN
  • 2000 Dissertation/PhD (Dr. med.) at the medical faculty of the Humboldt University of Berlin (pseudarthrosis after ankle arthrodesis)
  • 1999 Additional qualification in physical therapy
  • 1997 Additional qualification in chirotherapy
  • 1995 License to practice medicine
  • 09/1987 – 09/1993 Medical studies at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University of Greifswald, degree: state examination
  • 09/1986 – 08/1987 Internship at the Bad Saarow Clinic, degree: nurse
  • 09/1974 – 08/1986 Attended school and grammar school in Merseburg, graduation: Abitur