Metabolic measurement at rest

Diagnostik Ruhe-Stoffwechselmessung

Graphical representation of the metabolic potential, determined by the e-scan. It is noticeable here that the inhaled oxygen can only be utilised to a limited extent.

The e-Scan resting metabolism measurement is like an exhaust gas test in humans

The e-Scan resting metabolism measurement is a useful tool and our patients have had very good experiences with it. The e-Scan resting metabolism measurement uses specific measured values to determine very reliably how the patient’s metabolism is doing.

Why is the e-Scan resting metabolism measurement important?

Metabolism is the ability of humans to generate energy from food and inhaled air. A combustion process takes place in human cells – just like in an engine. This produces energy that can be measured in millivolts in each cell.

Humans have 2 fuel sources in their metabolism: Sugar and fat. How effectively an engine works can be recognised by the combustion waste products – an exhaust gas test is carried out on a car so that the engine can be optimally adjusted.

People exhale the gases produced by the energy metabolism, from which the e-Scan resting metabolism measurement allows conclusions to be drawn about the effectiveness of the metabolism. If this exhaled air is analysed, its composition can be used to identify very precisely which fuel sources are being used to provide energy.

The e-Scan resting metabolism measurement provides information about:

  • Calorie turnover
  • Calorie/energy requirement
  • Effectiveness of the metabolism
  • Proportionate sugar and fat burning
  • Oxygen uptake capacity of the cells

How does the e-Scan resting metabolism measurement work?

You breathe in and out through a special mouthpiece for 5 minutes. The measuring device measures the oxygen content and also the CO2 content in the exhaled air. The data is processed in special software and the patient receives a graphical representation of their metabolism immediately after the measurement, which can then be analysed with the doctor.

It is important that the last food intake was at least two hours ago in order to obtain a meaningful measurement.

The measurement is tailored to the resting situation, as most people spend the majority of the day sitting down and not doing intensive sport. You can see whether the test person is currently gaining or losing body fat. But their performance is also directly linked to their metabolism. It is possible to recognise how much oxygen from the inhaled air reaches the cells. Oxygen is very important for good combustion performance. No fire will burn properly without oxygen. The e-Scan resting metabolic rate measurement can not only be very helpful for weight management, but also reveals health damage and health risk. The e-Scan resting metabolic rate measurement can also be used to document training progress and for training control.

Diagnostik Ruhe-Stoffwechselmessung

The e-Scan resting metabolism measurement also measures the resting metabolic rate and analyses how well the fat metabolism is working.

“The gods have placed the diagnosis before every therapy, but every diagnosis remains gossip as long as it does not help therapeutically”
– old medical wisdom –

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