Bioenergetic diagnostics: Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool

Diagnostik, Kinesiologie

Many of our doctors and therapists have kinesiology training and many years of experience

The various possibilities of bioenergetic diagnostics aim to detect a disturbed energy flow in the body (blockages). According to the principle of resonance and dissonance, possible disruptive factors are to be identified and energetic balance restored.

Supplementary bioenergetic diagnostics can be used to gain a different perspective and broaden the viewpoint in order to get to the bottom of the often diverse and complex causes of illness and to obtain information about the subtle energetic state of the body.

Kinesiology tests in particular are a diagnostic tool at the THERA Praxisklinik. Many of our doctors and therapists have kinesiology training and many years of experience. This involves using the body’s own biofeedback system to retrieve specific information and identify imbalances in the body-mind system. The body’s reaction to certain stimuli can be queried quickly and easily using various muscle tests.

Global Diagnostics and electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll are also established diagnostic procedures at the THERA Praxisklinik.

At THERA Praxisklinik, the most detailed diagnostics are therefore an important basis and guide all further therapeutic steps.

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