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Preventive healthcare as part of holistic health checks plays an important role in our medical work. The clear aim is to detect serious illnesses as early as possible or to correct regulatory disorders before they become manifest.

In our clinic, preventive healthcare means carrying out exactly those examinations from a wealth of integrative medicine options that are necessary and sensible in each individual case in order to identify the body’s “weak points” and to find the right therapy for you TOGETHER WITH YOU.

What is included in a holistic health check-up, for example?

A comprehensive doctor-patient consultation (anamnesis) is of course always part of the process. In order to treat your illness effectively, it is necessary to understand the background and individual history of your illness. Our treatment is correspondingly individual. We take one to two hours for each patient for the initial anamnesis. A personalized treatment plan is then developed.

Physical examination:
Are there any signs during the physical examination that indicate a deeper health disorder? Is there evidence of chronic stress on the tongue, for example? What does the skin look like – are there signs of internal illness? And much more besides.

You are welcome to bring all previous findings with you. In addition to the usual laboratory tests, we use further parameters, for example in the following laboratory tests:

Laboratory stool sample:

  • Is the intestinal mucosal immunity intact?
  • Is protein digestion complete or is decomposition due to putrefaction with the formation of toxins and fusel alcohols more likely to occur?
  • What is the composition of the stool with regard to digested / undigested food components?

Laboratory urine sample:

  • Is there an increased excretion of heavy metals after a chelation provocation test?
  • Is there a complex formation of certain vitamins and minerals that are lost from the metabolism and cause an increased susceptibility to infections or stress intolerance?

Laboratory blood test:

  • How is the functionality of the mitochondria? Is the cell performance adequate, can the mitochondria sufficiently detoxify the cells from everyday stresses?

Vital field diagnostics:

  • Is oxidative or nitrosative stress present?
  • Is the physiological energy share in relation to the regulatory capacity in the optimum ratio?

Costs for a health check-up

The cost of a health examination depends on the type and form of the health check. We charge for health checks and all other services in accordance with the scale of fees for doctors (GOÄ in Germany), while any laboratory charges will be passed on to you directly.

Without diagnostics, you’re in the dark …

We want to treat you in the best possible and individualized way. To do this, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis. Often symptoms are not due to a single cause, but various stresses accumulate over time. Sometimes they reinforce each other and at some point the barrel overflows. Which stresses or disruptive factors have caused the barrel to overflow in your case? Where are you deficient? Where is there an imbalance? How can we work together to relieve your body-mind system and remove blockages to healing?

Let’s take the path together and make an appointment now.

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