Our philosophy

Integrative medicine means to combine scientific medicine with modern, natural medicine. We consider each individual holistically and aim at treating the causes of disease, instead of merely the symptoms.

Our goal is to prevent future relapse, by focusing on the treatment of ‘root causes’,

We work with an integrative treatment protocol consisting of both, science based conventional medical procedures, as well as holistic diagnostic and therapeutic methods. To this end, we use state-of-the-art technology, but never lose sight of our empathic relationship with the client as a partner.

We take our time with, and for you.

Cooperation and teamwork

Complex problems are best solved collectively. Our team, composed of doctors and therapists with various specialisations, enables us to draw on a rich pool of varied experiences from many different areas of expertise while maintaining a holistic perspective with regard to interrelated processes.

Our Compliance Management System is certified according to ISO 19600 standard.

Thera Praxisklinik – Compliance certified
Thera Praxisklinik – Compliance zertifiziert


In order to offer our patients the best possible treatment options, we collaborate with a network of doctors, medical institutions and therapists, who can sensibly complement our concept and services.

We also collaborate with various scientific and holistically orientated laboratories in order to offer our patients differentiated laboratory diagnostics of the highest standard.

Likewise, we value our network of connections with various naturopathic associations and organisations in order to help stimulate a profound exchange of experiences, which ultimately benefits our clients.

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