Our Diagnostic Services

Identifying Root Causes

We take the time to consider each individual in their wholeness and together look at hidden disturbances and stress factors.


You can contact us, If you suffer from any of the following types of diseases.


An overview of our diagnostic services, including environmental medicine; internal/general medicine, check-ups, dentistry …


Our primary aim is to detect serious issues as early as possible and to address any imbalances before they can manifest as acute diseases.

Global Diagnostics

A comprehensive ‘stock-take’ of the current energetic condition of the body. May uncover hidden stress factors.

Heavy-Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals diminish the functional efficiency of various metabolic processes. If heavy metals are suspected detailed diagnostics should be carried out.

Ultrasound Scans

We use state of the art, high resolution ultrasound imaging technology to confirm or preclude any suspected diseases.

Immune System Check-Up

This check-up serves to determine the condition of the body’s immune system and its many, closely interrelated parts.

Intestinal Function

The causes of non-specific or chronic intestinal problems can be identified by means of a thorough examination. Also makes sense as a preventative measure.