Vital Field Therapy

There is a clear connection between the level of vitality and the manifestation of chronic diseases. A low level of vitality may be caused by harmful environmental factors, such as electro-smog, or by unhealthy lifestyle choices, among other things. The body’s self-healing capacities become impaired and it is no longer able to repair itself to the same extent as a healthy body can.

Vital field therapy aims at building up the physical energy of the body and to reduce stressors that are, or have, depleted it. This therapy utilises low intensity electromagnetic signals similar to those encountered in nature. This treatment is completely harmless, free of pain and even suitable for children.

The Vital Field

Many chronic and acute diseases represent merely the tip of the iceberg. Less visible are the various different stressors and deficiencies that are hiding beneath. The objective therefore, is not to fight symptoms, but to identify and to eliminate the real causes of the disease. This is the only way to strengthen your immune system and to guarantee long-term therapeutic success.

For many decades, solid observations have been made regarding the relationship between physical energy and states of health and disease. Recent research has finally lead to the development of a state-of-the-art treatment method – the vital field therapy.

All bodily energies (i.e. bio-energies) are collectively referred to as the ‘vital field’, since they only occur in living organisms (vital) and have electromagnetic properties (electromagnetic field). The vital field differs from person to person and is as individual as a fingerprint. Among other things, it is shaped by the specific characteristics, stressors and deficiencies. Therefore, it is an electromagnetic image of the physical status of the body. Bioenergetic testing methods, e.g. electroacupuncture and kinesiology, work with the vital field.

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