Maxim Benz, Arzt

Maxim Benz


I begun in 2003 to deal professionally with healing and entered the Heilpraktiker training at the Samuel Hahnemann School in Berlin. In this very solid and comprehensive naturopathic training I had amazing experiences with healing, path and transformation.

In the years of purely naturopathic work as an alternative practitioner, I experienced the strongly polarized field of tension between conventional medicine and naturopathy until I realized that no one is helped by a radical rejection of conventional medicine:

Healing means the quick, gentle, permanent restoration of health (…) by the shortest, most reliable, and most impartial route, according to reasons that can be clearly seen.” (Samuel Hahnemann)

So, the best way to cure may well be the scalpel or an antibiotic.

However, I am critical of long-term drug therapies that are aimed exclusively at controlling the symptoms of disease without relieving and supporting our natural regulatory and self-healing powers.

In order to be able to accompany my patients in this sense really as holistically as possible, I enrolled in 2014 at the Charité University Medicine Berlin to study medicine.

As a doctor, I can now draw on the most appropriate therapies in each case, both from conventional medicine and from the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

As a doctor working in integrative medicine, I see it as my task to pick up my patients where they are and to accompany them to their individual health goals with all the possibilities and knowledge at my disposal.


  • 2021 medical license to practice medicine
  • 2014 – 2021 study of human medicine at the Charité University Medicine Berlin
  • 2007-2014 Living in Portugal, naturopathic work in own practice
  • 2007 Lectureships (Introduction to Toxicology, Neurology) at the Rescue Service School Medakademie, Berlin
  • 2006/2007 Naturopathic work in own practice, Berlin
  • 2006/2007 Student lecturer training at the Samuel Hahnemann School, Berlin
  • 2006 Acquisition of the healing license (“Heilerlaubnis”)
  • 2003-2006 Heilpraktiker training Samuel Hahnemann School Berlin
  • 2002 Mobile geriatric care as a nursing assistant at the Red Cross, Berlin
  • 2001 Acquisition of the general university entrance qualification
  • 1997/1998 Civilian service, mainly geriatric care in the mobile social service of the Johanniter Unfallhilfe (JUH), Kiel

Main fields of activity

  • Naturopathy
  • Environmental medicine diagnostics and therapy
  • Mitochondrial medicine
  • Micronutrients
  • Detoxification / Chelation therapy
  • Heart rate variability
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Biomagnetism according to Isaak Goiz-Durán
  • Preparation for planned operations
  • Homeopathy
  • Holistic preparation for planned operations
  • Dorn method
  • Mycotherapy


Antibiotic use in clinical studies on homeopathy – a systematic review

Risk Literacy Among Portuguese Medical and Dentistry Students

Risk Communication About Post-operative Delirium (POD) and Post-operative Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD)



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