Therapeutic Apheresis

Therapeutic Apheresis (TA) is a recognised therapeutic procedure and is used at the Thera-Clinic as part of an integrative treatment approach. It is a particularly innovative form of plasmapheresis and immunomodulation, especially with regard to chronic diseases of unknown origin. Apheresis (from Greek apherein=to separate), also known as ‘pheresis’ is a method of extracorporeal removal of pathogens or excess particles (proteins, protein-bound substances and cells) from the patient’s blood or plasma.

Once the pathogenic substances have been removed the ‘cleansed’ blood is re-introduced into the body. The pathogens can be derived from metabolic processes (cholesterol, lipoproteins etc), from inflammatory processes (circulating immunocomplexes, paraproteins, microbial toxins, haptens etc.) or various sources of environmental toxins, (heavy metals, solvents, drugs) and can burden the entire organism, leading to a wide range of diseases. Once these toxins are removed, the metabolism, the immune system and the body’s self-healing powers can re-establish their natural equilibrium.

Thera-Mito Apheresis ®

We have advanced this method further and use the principles of mito-medicine combined with various technical modules and supplementary regulative and eliminative substances. As a result, toxin elimination is rendered more efficient and is measurably increased, as is confirmed by laboratory analysis.

We also observe enhanced mitochondrial effects and the 3 hour therapy session tends to be very well tolerated.