In combination with chemotherapy, hyperthermia is a medical procedure, recognised by conventional medicine. We usually combine it with an individually formulated infusion therapy regimen. It also shows benefits when administered adjuvant to an ongoing chemotherapy: it enhances efficacy and reduces side effects.

“Today, hyperthermia counts as the fourth pillar of cancer therapy, when complementing chemo- and radiation therapy”, writes the ‘Deutsche Krebshilfe’ (Cancer Aid charity) in its Blaue Ratgeber, 2012.


In recent years, new advances in hyperthermia have shown improved efficiency in tumour therapy. Thus, we use the Oncotherm EHY-3010 medical technology system.

Overheating tumour cells with the aid of hyperthermia has been practiced since the days of antiquity. For the past 100 years, it is being investigated scientifically. Oncothermia uses heat therapy combined with an electrical field. This synergy produces even better results, by gentler means.

Tumorous tissue is very sensitive to heat. Overheating interrupts the cellular metabolism and supports the destruction of tumorous cells. During treatment the patient lies on a therapy bed, which has an electrode installed underneath. A counter electrode is placed on the part of the body under treatment. An electric field builds up between the electrodes. The electric field supports point-specific targeting and generates heat in the region undergoing treatment.

Oncothermia treatment has no side effects and many patients experience it as pleasant and relaxing. Oncothermia can be used to treat all types of cancers at any stage of the disease.

More information regarding the technical equipment we use at our clinic can be found on manufacturer’s website https://oncotherm.de/.

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