What is Cellsymbiosis Therapy?

The concept of cell symbiosis therapy is the result of many years of research by Dr. Heinrich Kremer.

The theory behind this is that in the case of many chronic diseases, energy production in the mitochondria of human cells is disrupted. This is caused by a vitamin and nutrient deficiency.

This can for example lead to burnout, irritable bowel syndrome, hay fever, allergies, asthma, neurodermatitis, cancer, high blood pressure and rheumatism.

Based on a detailed laboratory analysis of the blood, stool, urine and sometimes also saliva, as well as a detailed medical history and physical examination, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes are administered via tablets or infusions on an individual basis.

If the absorption capacity is reduced, we prefer infusion therapy in order to bypass the intestine and supply the cells via the bloodstream.

You can find detailed information in the Therapies / Cellsymbiosis Therapie section.

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