“Blood is a juice of very special kind” (J. W. v. Goethe)

All vital information is stored in the blood – and not only according to Chinese medicine. The blood moves this information throughout the entire organism and between the organs. In this process an immense amount of information is constantly exchanged. Blood is both, a nutrient supplier and waste remover in one.

In autohemotherapy, a certain amount of blood, taken from a vein, is injected into the gluteal muscle. The mechanism of action is to ‘divert’ the blood from its intended path to a new, ‘unnatural’ environment (muscle) and thereby to prompt the body to react to this stimulus.

Blood turns into medicine

Two thousand years ago, Taoist doctors in China already carried out a kind of autohemotherapy. They believed that blood not only nourishes the physical body, but also, and especially, the mind. Thus, blood is the material essence of our mind.

How can autohemotherapy be explained?

In addition to the transport of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of ‘waste products’, blood also has a central role in our immune system. Almost all laboratory tests are done with the aid of blood. However, this method only produces quantitative, not qualitative results. The inner milieu, environmental influences, toxins etc. are never detected.

Autohemotherapy is considered a so called ‘stimulation’, or ‘alterative’ therapy. The immune system perceives the injected blood as an ‘invader’ and reacts to it with an appropriate defence reaction. A small, generally unnoticed inflammatory response occurs locally. But Autohemotherapy also has an impact on the whole organism. The immune system is notably activated.

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