Immunotherapy against cancer

In many cases of cancer, especially for those in advanced stages, the necessity of developing new forms of therapy becomes paramount, because of the low efficiency of standard therapies. In this regard, Immunotherapies have played an increasingly prominent role, In recent years.

Combining a biological cancer therapy with dendritic cells prepared from the blood of the affected patient, can be an extremely effective method to defy the tumour. In such cases we collaborate with a specialised laboratory.

The mode of action

Dendritic precursor cells that are capable of developing into dendritic cells, are isolated from the patient’s blood. During their maturation process the precursor cells are enriched with mature tumour particles produced by gene technology, which correspond to the patient’s tumour type (Mamma Ca, Bronchial Ca etc.).

Within a few weeks the precursor cells mature into fully developed dendritic cells that show the characteristics of tumour cells on their surface. The immune system is now able to recognise these signals. Over the course of several appointments the fully developed dendritic cells are injected subcutaneously (approximately 2-4 times within 2-4 months). The dendritic cells then move to the lymph nodes and activate natural killer cells (such as cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes) that are capable of killing such degenerated cells.

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