Strengthen your immune system –
prevent a viral disease like COVID 19

Strengthen immune system and virus defense – you want to strengthen your defenses and prevent a viral disease like COVID 19?

We are here for you!

If you have come across this article on the subject of “Strengthening the immune system”, then you are most likely a person who cares about his health and who is also willing to do something for it. You are probably a person who focuses on quality of life and who is equally aware of the fact that daily choices do have a great impact on your own well-being, even physically! Now ask yourself what exactly you can do to support your body and immune system even more in these nevertheless challenging times, when seemingly everything revolves around the existence of this one virus: Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Perhaps you are also particularly vulnerable, weakened or sensitive and every sneeze in your environment leads to an infection in you? The desire to “protect yourself” is understandable and of course you would like to strengthen your immune system.

Perhaps you would like to have the status of your immune system checked and would like professional support in strengthening your defenses? At THERA Praxisklinik we are very happy to be there for you, especially in this context, because prevention is one of, if not THE central guiding principle of our work with patients. And what could be more meaningful than to invest in your own strength and power again and again and to support your body in its possibilities of self-healing?

For this reason, we have developed an immune system check for our patients. The first step is to really take a look and take stock of the situation in order to then bring about targeted strengthening.

17.10.2022: „The Pandemic of the Untreated“-An ARD documentary on persistent complaints after COVID illness or vaccination – with the well-known doctor and TV presenter Eckart von Hirschhausen.

A successful documentary that shows how helpless doctors currently are in the face of Long COVID, how desperate sufferers grasp at any straw and how blood washing can possibly bring relief.

See for yourself:

ARD-Mediathek: Die Pandemie der Unbehandelten

(starting at minute 6, the performance of apheresis/blood washing is discussed).

At THERA Praxisklinik we perform blood washing (with or without simultaneous hyperthermia treatment) several times a week. Our patients find the treatment a great support in their healing process. If you have any questions or would like initial information, you are welcome to arrange a free 10-minute telephone call with one of our physicians.

How does our immune system work and what do we need our defenses for?

What do we actually want to defend ourselves against or what do we want to protect ourselves from, you might first ask.

Three essential points can be named here, which are important:

  • Protection against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites)
  • Recognition and elimination of degenerated cells
  • Control and regulation of the body’s own and “harmless” microorganisms. For example, we have about 2 kilograms of these in our intestines (intestinal flora)

And how does this defense system work?

Very briefly summarized, our immune system consists of various components that work closely together to form a highly specialized defense system of the body.

We first have the physical barriers that provide an initial defense:

The skin/mucous membrane, our intestines, the stomach with gastric acid, our eyes, our respiratory tract and the urinary tract. Furthermore, there are the cellular components, i.e. the white blood cells (=leukocytes) with all their subspecializations (such as B- and T-lymphocytes for the specific defense or natural killer cells and macrophages for the non-specific defense). And as a third component, there is the humoral part (=affecting the body fluids) with various proteins that act as messengers, such as our antibodies.

Meanwhile, the psychological immune factors can also be seen as a “component”. An entire field of research has developed on this topic and deals with the interactions between the psyche, the nervous system and the immune system (psychoneuroimmunology). The foundations for this go far back into the last century, where it was shown in animal studies that there is a higher susceptibility to infection under stress.

It is not intended to give a long description of all these components of the immune system with their complex functions and interrelationships. However, in the following it will be discussed which possibilities exist to influence the immune system in order to strengthen the different levels.

In the case of the currently prevailing “COVID 19” disease (coronavirus disease 2019), it has become clear that people with a weakened immune system and severe previous illnesses are particularly at risk. And it is precisely here that we need to take a closer look in order to be able to take preventive action.

In order to further clarify the correlations, here is a short excursion into the subject area of viruses…

Viruses as pathogens

Viruses are not true living organisms, because they consist only of nucleic acid (DNA or RNA), i.e. genetic material, and a protective envelope, which in turn is composed of proteins. This structure can be seen clearly in the images of the coronavirus that are currently so frequently shown. Since the envelope looks like spikes on a crown, the name also takes on a meaning, since corona means “crown” or “wreath” (Italian/Latin).

Immunsystem stärken – Corona Virus

Fig. 1: Exemplary representation of viruses

This described structure of the virus means that it cannot do anything on its own. Viruses have no metabolism of their own and therefore always need a host cell to be able to reproduce. They use a foreign metabolism for their own reproduction. The presence of genetic material means that viruses are information carriers. When they invade a body cell, they incorporate their genetic material into the foreign cell, “forcing” it to produce copies of the virus. In other words, they manipulate the cell they have invaded.  And here, SARS-CoV 2 is no different from other viruses.

The good news at this point is that, in principle, it is not the goal of a virus to kill its host because, after all, it lives off it. We may feel sick when we suffer from a viral infection and get a fever or aching limbs, for example, but because we have an immune system our body is able to deal with a virus, deal with it, integrate the information and eventually regain the upper hand. We were born with a functioning immune system for this very reason. Let’s use and strengthen it!

How can we now prevent a virus like SARS CoV 2 from making us sick? How can we prevent it?

Or in other words: Why does one person get sick, but not another?

As already described above, there are different defense strategies of the body. And if these mechanisms work well, i.e. the person has a healthy and strong immune system and the barriers are intact, then this is the best defense and the best protection against infection there is.

Ways to strengthen the immune system are a dime a dozen. Yes, you heard right. Just the fact of HOW we sleep, HOW we eat and HOW we breathe has an enormous impact.

At the mechanical and chemical barrier level, the various body fluids and the skin and intestinal flora play an essential role. Is the acid mantle of the skin intact? What is the condition of the mucous membranes? Do urine and gastric juice have the optimal pH value? What is the overall acid-base status? Is the intestinal barrier intact or is there a leaky gut syndrome? In order to take preventive action against viral infections at this level, the intake of cistus (Cistus incanus, e.g. as a lozenge), for example, can be helpful. Cistus incanus has a protective effect against corona viruses as well as against influenza viruses by forming a protective film on the mucous membrane so that the viruses cannot dock.

Intestine and immune system

If the permeability of the intestinal wall has changed, i.e. the intestinal barrier is no longer intact, then it is necessary to stabilize and rebuild it so that it can defend itself against parasites and toxins of all kinds. This often requires quite a lot of therapeutic effort and usually takes several months. In particular, the change of diet is also of decisive importance here.

In addition to the mucosa and the microbiome, part of this intestinal barrier is the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). This GALT represents the largest collection of immune cells in our body! This is where a systemic specific immune response can be triggered. These immune cells present in the intestine are massively disturbed and weakened by existing intestinal toxins and a disturbed intestinal flora.

“Intestine healthy, human healthy”.

There is more than a scintilla of truth in this well-known “slogan”. It is an old wisdom that we should become aware of again, especially nowadays with all the oversupply and the booming market of fast food restaurants.

Tip: Antiviral and Proviral Foods

By adding or omitting which foods can I fight viruses?

ANTIVIRAL (= directed against viruses).

Fruits, vegetables and herbs such as garlic, lemons, berries, spinach, coconut, kale or fennel.

PROVIRAL (= virus nourishing)

Meat, dairy products, eggs, gluten, sugar, glutamate

Our defense cells

As part of the non-specific immune defense, there are certain defense cells, such as macrophages (scavenger cells) or also the natural killer cells (NK cells), which pounce on everything foreign to the body in order to eliminate it as quickly as possible. They are the first police on the scene (first line defense). Their presence thus also determines whether or not a virus or pathogen can spread in the body.

Natural killer cells recognize virus-infected cells (as well as tumor cells) and kill them. The number and function of natural killer cells can be measured in the blood (examination of NK cell function) and can give an important indication of the performance of the immune system. A reduced number is often found in chronic infections and inflammations or in tumor diseases and can result in particular in chronic persistent viral infections or reactivation of latent viral infections. At the same time, there are various immunostimulants that can activate NK cells and improve their performance. A wide variety of natural preparations can be used here, such as curcuma, astaxanthin, quercetin, resveratrol, but medicinal mushrooms can also activate NK cell function.

Within the framework of an NK cell modulator test, one can even examine these preparations before their use to see to what extent they are actually able to activate the NK cells in the individual case.

If you are curious and motivated to do something for your immune system, simply make an appointment with one of our doctors. Upon request, we will be happy to arrange a detailed laboratory test to check your immune status.

Immunsystem stärken Laboruntersuchung

Fig. 2: Laboratory analysis for the detection of important immune parameters.

Strengthening the immune system with nutrients

The immune-strengthening and antiviral effects of various micronutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, zinc and selenium or even L-lysine are now well known. At THERA Praxisklinik Berlin, we specifically look for deficiencies in the area of micronutrients by means of a blood analysis.

Denn nicht nur Vitamin D und Vitamin B12 können im Blut gemessen werden, sondern so gut wie alle Spurenelemente, Vitamine, Aminosäuren und Fettsäuren.
Warum tun wir das? Ein paar Beispiele:

Vitamin D3
In vielen Studien konnte mittlerweile ein Zusammenhang zwischen einem niedrigen Vitamin D Serumspiegel und einer erhöhten Infektanfälligkeit bzw. einer höheren Krankheitsaktivität gezeigt werden. Die Einnahme von Vitamin D3 hingegen verringert die Infektanfälligkeit. Vitamin D3 hat unter anderem eine immunologische Wirkung. So wurden in vielen Zellen des Immunsystems Vitamin-D-Rezeptoren gefunden. Auch im Hinblick auf Autoimmunerkrankungen spielt das Vitamin D3 eine große Rolle.

Zinkmangel schwächt das Immunsystem.
Das Spurenelement Zink ist ein wichtiger Baustein für einen funktionierendes Immunsystem und die Infektabwehr, insbesondere auch virale Infekte. Es ist an der Bildung und Aktivierung von Abwehrzellen beteiligt und aktiv dafür verantwortlich, Krankheitserreger abzuwehren.
So konnte beispielsweise in einer groß angelegten Metastudie dokumentiert werden, dass die Gabe von Zink zu einer deutlichen Verkürzung der Erkältungsdauer führt.

L-Lysin ist eine essenzielle (=sie kann vom menschlichen Körper nicht selbst hergestellt werden) Aminosäure und damit Bestandteil vieler Proteine (Eiweiße). L-Lysin wird unter anderem benötigt, um Enzyme, Hormone und Antikörper zu bilden. Es spielt eine wichtige Rolle im NO(Stickstoffmonoxid)-Gas-Stoffwechsel des Immunsystems und vor allem ist es bekannt für seine antiviralen Fähigkeiten. L-Lysin steigert die Immunkompetenz.
Einen hohen Lysin Gehalt haben beispielsweise folgende Lebensmittel: Linsen, Lupine, Rindfleisch. Aber auch die Supplementierung über Nahrungsergänzungsmittel ist eine kostengünstige und einfache Möglichkeit, sein Immunsystem zu stärken.

L-Glutaminsäure ist ebenfalls eine Aminosäure und ein zentraler Metabolit im Stoffwechsel. Immunzellen sind auf die Versorgung mit Glutamin angewiesen. Sie ist ein wichtiger Energielieferant für Schleimhautzellen, insbesondere auch die der Darmschleimhaut, und durch eine orale Gabe kann ein Schutz dieser Schleimhaut erzielt und somit die Abwehrkräfte gestärkt werden.

Because not only vitamin D and vitamin B12 can be measured in the blood, but just about all trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids.

Why do we do this? A few examples:

Vitamin D3

In the meantime, many studies have been able to show a connection between low serum vitamin D levels and increased susceptibility to infections or higher disease activity. Taking vitamin D3, on the other hand, reduces susceptibility to infections. Among other things, vitamin D3 has an immunological effect. Vitamin D receptors have been found in many cells of the immune system. Vitamin D3 also plays a major role with regard to autoimmune diseases.


Zinc deficiency weakens the immune system.

The trace element zinc is an important building block for a functioning immune system and the defense against infections, especially viral infections. It is involved in the formation and activation of immune cells and is actively responsible for warding off pathogens.

For example, a large-scale metastudy documented that the administration of zinc leads to a significant reduction in the duration of colds.


L-lysine is an essential amino acid (=it cannot be produced by the human body itself) and thus a component of many proteins. Among other things, L-lysine is needed to form enzymes, hormones and antibodies. It plays an important role in the NO (nitric oxide) gas metabolism of the immune system, and most importantly, it is known for its antiviral capabilities. L-lysine enhances immune competence.

For example, the following foods have a high lysine content: lentils, lupine, beef. But supplementation via dietary supplements is also an inexpensive and easy way to boost one’s immune system.

L-glutamic acid

L-glutamic acid is also an amino acid and a key metabolite in metabolism. Immune cells depend on a supply of glutamine. It is an important energy supplier for mucosal cells, especially those of the intestinal mucosa, and oral administration can provide protection for this mucosa and thus strengthen the immune system.

Curcuma and its effect on the immune system

Today, there are over 16000 studies on curcuma, which can prove its health benefits and superpowers. Known from the Southeast Asian region, it is also called the “healthiest spice in the world”. Turmeric naturally has strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibatkerial, anitviral, antioxidant as well as anticarcinogenic effects. Due to the defense of free radicals, viruses and bacteria can not penetrate so easily into our cells and also the formation and activity of T-lymphocytes (white blood cells), natural killer cells or macrophages (scavenger cells) is promoted, which generally strengthens our immune defenses. In 2013, a study showed that turmeric has an active antiviral effect against influenza virus A (flu virus), to name just one example.

Just as people in Asian countries do anyway, you can easily incorporate turmeric into your daily diet or prepare a golden milk*. By the way, the sunny yellow color of curcuma not only brightens our mood, but also makes the meal digestible. This is especially useful if you follow the preventive thought and want to prevent an infection.

Immunsystem stärken mit Curcuma

Fig. 3: Strengthening the immune system with curcuma

The biologically active curcuminoids in the root (secondary plant compounds) are responsible for the many positive properties, but only 3-5% of them are found in turmeric powder. Many dietary supplement manufacturers therefore extract the curcuminoids (curcumin) and concentrate it in a capsule. Also, there are now high-dose curcumin infusions, which are particularly suitable when chronic infections already exist or even cancer.

We at THERA Praxisklinik Berlin administer these curcumin infusions to our chronically ill patients with the utmost care.

We will be happy to advise you on this topic and put together your individual, immune-strengthening therapy plan – naturally tailored to your needs.


  • 300 ml plant milk (for example homemade almond milk)
  • one piece of turmeric (approx. 2 to 3 cm in size) or one tablespoon of turmeric powder
  • one piece of ginger (about 2 cm; the more you use, the spicier the drink will be)
  • 1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. coconut oil
  • a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg
  • dates or 1 tsp agave syrup for sweetening

Source:, Golden Milk

OZON – The wonder weapon of the THERA Praxisklinik – Oxidative stress as a defense against COVID 19

For many years we have been successfully carrying out the Ozone High Dose Therapy (OHT) in the THERA Praxisklinik Berlin.

Ozone is a modification of the element oxygen (it consists of three instead of two oxygen molecules) and is highly reactive.

Administering ozone into the blood causes oxidation and subsequently counter-regulation with an increase in antioxidant protection. This massively stimulates the immune system. Already existing viruses, bacteria or fungi are killed and their new formation is prevented. For example, after ozone treatment there is an increase in T-lymphocytes and natural killer cells. At the same time, the oxygen supply in the tissue is also increased. We consider ozone high-dose therapy to be a highly efficient measure both in the fight against viruses in the case of an already existing disease and as a preventive measure for defense and strengthening of the immune system.

The therapy is carried out by taking approx. 200ml from the arm vein, making it unclottable in a sterile vacuum bottle, enriching it with medically pure ozone-oxygen mixture and reinfusing it into the vein as a drip infusion. One treatment consists of several cycles and lasts 60-90 minutes. We recommend to perform at least 2-3 sessions in a row, possibly more depending on the severity of the previous disease(s) or symptomatology.

Possibilities of immune strengthening at THERA Praxisklinik Berlin

  • Ozone high-dose therapy
  • Vitamin C high-dose infusion (+L-lysine)
  • Detecting and balancing micronutrient deficiencies
  • Nutritional counseling and intestinal reorganization
  • Psycho-emotional strengthening, stress and resource management
  • IHHT

Immune System Check to analyze the state of your body’s defenses.

Today, you are just one step away from choosing FOR your health and a strong immune system. The many ways to strengthen your own defenses are abundant. All it took was a decision to want to use them. If you would like professional support in this intention, we are here for you. Make an appointment today for an initial consultation with one of our doctors. The doctor will take time for you and, after assessing your current immune status, will provide you with comprehensive advice on the treatment and prevention options that are individually tailored to you.

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Do one or more of the above points apply to you and would you like to do something for your health? Are you curious? Please contact us by phone to make an appointment for an initial consultation with one of our doctors or for a short consultation if you are already a patient.

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