Mitochondriale Systemtherapie

Application in chronic inflammatory diseases and mitochondrial dysfunction

Many scientific studies have shown that in over 97% of chronic diseases mitochondria (power plants of cells) are damaged. The new me2.vie therapy, which has only been developed in 2014, offers a promising approach that has shown to be highly effective in many chronic diseases.

What Happens During the Me2.Vie-System Therapy

In me2.vie system therapy, high-frequency currents are passed through the body at rapidly changing frequency and intensity. Orthomolecular compound infusions or detoxification infusions are administered simultaneously.

During the 50-minute treatment session, computer-controlled frequency cascades of up to 40,000 Hz are passed through the body using special applicators. The patient experiences a pleasant, wave-like stimulation sensation. These impulses create a mildly chaotic state in the body cells, which respond by optimising their performance.

If possible, we try to combine the me2.vie therapy with every infusion and have observed a markedly improved effect, which can be confirmed by laboratory analyses. In our daily practice,  this great treatment enhancement has become an indispensable part of our work.