Galvanotherapy – Electro Cancer Therapy (ECT)

The terms ‘Galvanotherapy’ and ‘Electro Cancer Therapy’ are used synonymously and do not differ in their application.

A significant difference, however, is the application of plate electrodes and the far more effective intratumoral Galvanotherapy, which we predominantly use.

In this method fine, specially developed needle electrodes are introduced directly into the tumour. The electrical resistance is proven to be lower than in healthy cells. Due to these special characteristics, the electricity follows the path of least resistance almost exclusively through such cells. Thus, a current of electrons ensues and an electric field is created in the tumour itself.

The strength and amount of electricity are precision controlled by high tech electronic equipment. The tumour is disintegrated.

Treatment-Responsive Types of Tumours

Generally speaking, Electro Cancer Therapy can be applied in all types of cancer using image guided fine needle punctuation.

Electro Cancer Therapy has been used successfully in the following types of cancer:

  • Prostate carcinomas
  • Mammary carcinomas (isolated axillary thoracic lymph nodes)
  • Isolated lung and liver metastasis (if anatomically possible with appropriate technical equipment)
  • Skin carcinomas of all origins (melanoma, spinalioma, basalioma etc.)
  • Vulvar carcinomas
  • Cervical cancer
  • All tumours of the ENT area (ear/nose/throat)
  • Thyroid tumour
  • Recurrent tumours after radiation and/or chemotherapy, skin metastasis
  • Tumours of the salivary gland
  • Kidney tumour
  • Sarcomas, isolated bone tumours and bone metastasis