Immune system check-up

The immune system check-up is used to analyse the condition of the body’s defence system. The immune system is composed of many interconnected parts and is thus sometimes referred to as an ‘immune system network’.

If the organism becomes imbalanced, the body initiates an immune response in an attempt to compensate. Simple tests can demonstrate the immune system’s efficacy. At times, the issues may be more complex – in such cases we offer special diagnostic tests.

Immune system and disease

If the immune system loses its balance it becomes increasingly unable to fulfil its primary task of protecting the integrity of the system and the body succumbs to various illnesses. A well-known, dramatic effect of immune system malfunction are today’s increasing incidents of auto-immune diseases and even rising cancer rates.

Laboratory tests

Measuring the function and balance of the immune system forms an indispensable aspect of our diagnosis. During the first assessment session we will be happy to determine whether a comprehensive lab test will be necessary.