Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Our body is a veritable treasure trove of substances that keep us alive, regulate thousands of vital processes, compensate for emergencies and conditions of special need and enable us to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. These substances include hormones. We often only become aware of them when, for example, the thyroid gland becomes abnormal, we suffer from stress or anxiety, are constantly tired or monthly cycles are out of balance.

In our clinic, we work with bioidentical hormones. What does that mean? A bioidentical hormone is a substance that is normally produced by the body itself. It corresponds one hundred percent to the body’s own hormone. Often present as an ingredient in a plant, it is chemically processed in such a way that it can be incorporated into the formulation of a cream, for example, and fits perfectly into our hormone system after application. With precise indications and careful dosing, it has practically no side effects.

In addition to taking a detailed medical history, we use a saliva hormone test as the basis for this therapy. Why not a blood test, you may ask? We are interested in the amount of freely available hormones. In the blood, we mainly measure the amount of bound or currently used hormones. Hormones are like a key that looks for the right lock. Once docked, these messenger substances transmit their information so that the corresponding task can be carried out by cells. And so we want to know what is available for the corresponding tasks.

Bioidentical hormone therapy can be used to gently treat many conditions that are out of balance. Irregularities in the female body (and also in the male body!) can be balanced and brought back to a natural level. It is important that the body’s own hormone production is not suppressed but carefully regulated.

Besides the sex hormones estradiol, estriol, progesterone and testosterone, stress markers such as cortisone and DHEA and the sleep hormone melatonin can also be determined using a saliva test.

This results in a wide range of indications:

  • Cycle and bleeding disorders
  • Desire to have children and pregnancy
  • Endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, PMS
  • Tissue and bladder weakness
  • Hormonal skin and hair problems
  • Menopausal symptoms in men and women
  • Changes in PSA levels in men
  • Hormonal migraines or cramps
  • Exhaustion and burnout
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Weight problems
  • Immune disorders, allergies, asthma (also in children)

If you would like more information and clarification on whether your symptoms can be improved with bioidentical hormone treatment, please contact us.

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