Post-vac Syndrome Treatment

Post-vac syndrome: a misrecognized problem?

Vaccinated and then just flat“- that was the headline in a recent article in “Zeit Online”.

Perhaps you are among the few or many who have developed side effects or (seemingly unexplained) adverse reactions after COVID vaccination with one of the well-known vaccines such as “Comirnaty” (BioNTech/Pfizer) or “Spikevax” (Moderna). Now you are a bit perplexed and alone and don’t know what to do or where to get medical help? Please read on if you are affected yourself or if you know someone who might suffer from post-vac syndrome.

Bei dem Post-Vac-Syndrom handelt es sich um eine anhaltende gesundheitliche Beeinträchtigung infolge und im zeitlichen Zusammenhang mit einer Covid-19-Impfung

Post-vac syndrome is a persistent health impairment resulting from and temporally associated with Covid 19 vaccination.

17.10.2022: „The Pandemic of the Untreated“-An ARD documentary on persistent complaints after COVID illness or vaccination – with the well-known doctor and TV presenter Eckart von Hirschhausen.

A successful documentary that shows how helpless doctors currently are in the face of Long COVID, how desperate sufferers grasp at any straw and how blood washing can possibly bring relief.

See for yourself:

ARD-Mediathek: Die Pandemie der Unbehandelten

(starting at minute 6, the performance of apheresis/blood washing is discussed).

At THERA Praxisklinik we perform blood washing (with or without simultaneous hyperthermia treatment) several times a week. Our patients find the treatment a great support in their healing process. If you have any questions or would like initial information, you are welcome to arrange a free 10-minute telephone call with one of our physicians.

Affected persons can present a very heterogeneous picture of symptoms: Headaches, dizziness, nausea, hair loss, impotence, eye diseases, memory disorders, numbness or movement disorders/paralysis can paint the picture. Likewise, cardiovascular problems, thrombosis or chronic fatigue states can occur. This makes a clear differential diagnosis and differentiation from other diseases all the more difficult.

In their distress, more and more people are turning to the two contact points for post-vac cases in Germany: the special outpatient clinic at the University Hospital in Marburg and the neurological post-COVID-19 consultation at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin. According to Prof. Schieffer, the director in charge of the Marburg special outpatient clinic, there is currently a waiting list of more than 1,800 people affected (as of 07/22).

The question of how many people are actually affected throughout Germany is unfortunately difficult to answer at present, or perhaps not (yet) at all. But even if there are only very few, these people should also receive help. They should not be left without a contact person.

Standing Commission on Vaccination:

“At the moment, it’s very difficult to make statements outside of controlled trials and outside of dedicated observational analyses, where you really follow people then after vaccination, about how often such a post-vac syndrome occurs,” said Christian Bogdan of the Standing Commission on Vaccination.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) safety report reports 296233 notifications of suspected adverse reactions in the period from 12/27/2020 to 3/31/2022 (for 172,062,925 COVID-19 vaccinations administered). This represents a reporting rate of 1.7 reports per 1000 vaccine doses and 0.2 reports per 1000 vaccine doses for serious reactions.

At the same time, a public discussion recently sparked about a possibly much higher rate of vaccine adverse reactions, partly triggered by an ongoing study (“vaccine-surv” study) by Prof. Harald Matthes regarding the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccines. Prof. Matthes had concluded from an initial data analysis that there were 40 times as many serious adverse events after Corona vaccinations as previously assumed by the PEI.

If you are affected, be sure to report your COVID-19 vaccine-related complaints to the PEI. Attending primary care physicians are often unable to fulfill their reporting obligations due to lack of time and reimbursement.


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It seems to be more often young women and athletic men,
who suffer from adverse health effects after COVID vaccination.

How does post-vac syndrome develop?

The question of the causal mechanism of post-Vac syndrome has also not yet been clarified. At this point, there are only various hypotheses (excerpted below), which are understandably similar to the theories of Long COVID, but for which no scientific studies are yet available (as of 07/22):

  • Multiple perturbations occur via binding of the spike protein to the ACE-2 receptor. The ACE-2 receptor is involved in various biochemical reactions in the body, which affect blood pressure and pulse regulation, wound healing and inflammation:
    • Triggering of a wide variety of inflammatory reactions, which, for example, promote thromboembolic events
    • Activation of endothelial cells or disturbance of endothelial function, platelet activation
    • Microperfusion disorders
  • Reactivation or triggering of a previous or latent viral disease (such as EBV), an autoimmune disease, or a genetic deficit
  • Induction of autoantibody formation (antibodies directed against the body’s own tissues)

Is it possible to discharge the COVID vaccination?
Is there a treatment for post-vac syndrome?

Potentially disease-causing ingredients of the vaccines can be, for example, the lipid nanoparticles or allergy-causing substances such as tromethamine or polyethylene glycol (in the classic mRNA vaccines) or, in the case of Novavax, the effect enhancer Matrix-M or the spike protein itself. Now the idea is to simply eliminate these potentially harmful substances. Unfortunately, there is no one remedy. In addition, the problem could also be caused by the mechanism of action itself and the resulting immune reaction. So by the mRNA, which causes the body cell to form virus components (spike protein) with the corresponding reactions of the body’s immune system.

We take your complaints seriously and are here for you!

One possibility, however, is to “wash out” harmful substances again via a blood purification procedure, apheresis or adsorption. The procedure is similar to the well-known H.E.L.P. apheresis, which is mainly used for lipometabolic disorders. Our doctors at the THERA Praxisklinik will be happy to advise you on this topic and whether this procedure is suitable in your case. You can also find detailed information in the article “Machine blood purification procedures for the treatment of Long COVID and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome“. In principle, this procedure is similarly suitable in post-vac syndrome as in post-infectious long COVID or chronic fatigue syndrome.

In order to reduce acute and chronic inflammation, we use high-dose ozone therapy at THERA Praxisklinik. We have had very positive experience with this therapy method in a wide variety of clinical pictures and especially in a long covid subject. Ozone therapy influences platelet function positively, activates immunocompetent cells, has an antimicrobial effect, establishes a balance between oxidants and antioxidants, and improves microcirculation. It is therefore able to make a decisive contribution to immune regulation.

Regulating undesirable or excessive immune responses

And in principle, when we talk about the post-vac syndrome, we are mainly talking about our immune system/our immune response and then further on about resulting disturbances of various endogenous regulatory systems such as the endocrine system (hormone system), the nervous system or the cell metabolism. At this point, once again, our always holistic and interdisciplinary treatment concept of the THERA Praxisklinik takes effect.

Targeted immune modulation and balancing of the regulatory systems can be achieved through:

  • Balancing micro- and macronutrients
  • Eliminating interference fields and thus strengthening self-regulation
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition
  • Microbiome analysis and intestinal cleansing
  • Detoxification and elimination of heavy metals
  • Mitochondrial medicine
  • Regulatory therapies such as neural therapy
  • Herbal or homeopathic adjunctive therapy
  • Regulation and stabilization of the psyche and other lifestyle factors

Good nutrition alone can make an important contribution to improving the immune response- not only after an infection, but also after a vaccination.

“The importance of nutrition in supporting the immune response also applies to assuring robust responses to vaccination.“ 

The trace elements zinc and selenium, mentioned only as an example, influence various immunological processes. Among other things, they ensure the normal function of various immune cells such as B or T lymphocytes and help in the formation of messenger substances.

This means that how the body reacts to an infection or a vaccination is no coincidence. Thus, a good micronutrient supply, an intact mitochondrial function (cell metabolism) or a healthy intestine can be decisive. After a detailed medical history and physical examination, a detailed laboratory analysis always follows at the THERA Praxisklinik in order to uncover individual weak points. In the case of post-vac syndrome or long COVID symptoms, there is the possibility of further supplementing the diagnostics:

  • Auto-antibodies and autoimmune diseases
  • Advanced inflammatory diagnostics, proinflammatory cytokine status
  • Dark field microscopy
  • Chronic latent viral infections / infectious diseases (EBV, HSV, CMV, etc.)
  • Complete immune status
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Examination for environmental toxins

If you have any further questions on the subject or would like an initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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