Biological Cancer Therapy

A cancer diagnosis initially comes as a shock to everyone affected. And, as a result, usually also a lot of suffering. Conventional medicine offers therapies and support through surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. However, regardless of the exact diagnosis, many patients wish they could do more. Or they look for a completely different way of dealing with their cancer.

At THERA Praxis, we do not support one specific treatment method, but rather we support you and YOUR path. Regardless of whether you are before, after or in the middle of treatment, we will advise you objectively on all options from conventional medicine and naturopathy. Our principle is always to take the individuality of the person into account.

In the field of biological tumor treatment, we only use those therapy methods with which we have the best experience and for which there are scientific facts. These include, for example, hyperthermia, photodynamic therapy or individualized infusion therapy with natural substances.


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The practice of overheating tumour cells with the aid of hyperthermia has been in use since the days of antiquity. For the past 100 years the method has been under scientific investigation.  Read more »

Photodynamic Therapy

The photodynamic therapy (PDT) is one of the most promising approaches to the treatment of various cancers. Read more »


Galvanotherapy is a minimally invasive, organ preserving, ambulant tumour therapy. Read more »

Infusion Therapy

An individually tailored infusion programme can significantly enhance treatment efficiency. Read more »

Dendritic Cell Therapy

This tried and tested method of ‘tumour inoculation’ is increasingly gaining recognition among International practitioners of conventional medicine as a valid cancer therapy. Read more »

Specialised Laboratory Testing

Highly specialised laboratory testing is available in order to render therapies, aimed at treating tumours, more targeted and specific. Read more »

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