Infusion Therapy and Tumours

Infusion therapy can be a supportive and useful measure for the regeneration and promotion of cell and mitochondrial function. This can have a positive effect on the immune system, which is disturbed in many tumor diseases.

It can also be used to directly eliminate deficiencies of certain micro- and macronutrients, which are very often detected in laboratory analyses.

An individual infusion concept is created for each patient, which can be made more precise by means of special laboratory test procedures.

Application in Daily Practice

An infusion can be administered daily, several times or once a week. This depends on the clinical picture and also on the overall treatment concept. In some cases, one to three infusions are given consecutively within one to two hours.

Series of 10 to 15 infusions are often administered, and depending on the clinical picture and the findings, it makes sense to repeat this therapy regularly. This is determined individually in each case.

Infusion Protocols and Active Ingredients

In scientific studies and in daily practice certain substances have proven effective against cancer. For each disease we utilise specifically proven active ingredients and compounds. Here a selection:

  • Artemisinin/Artesunate
  • Chlorin E6
  • Curcumin
  • DCA (Dichloroacetic acid)
  • DMSO
  • EGCG (Green Tea Extract)
  • GcMAF
  • H2O2
  • Hypericin
  • ICG/Indocyanine green
  • Mistletoe
  • Ozone
  • Protocol N infusion
  • High Dose Vitamin C infusion