Our Therapies

Treatment Services

The following therapeutic methods have proven particularly effective in the treatment of acute or chronic diseases.

Biological Tumor Therapy

We treat all types of cancer holistically, using the most up-to date methods.

Therapeutic Apheresis

As part of our integrative treatment concept harmful substances (toxins) can be directly removed from the blood and their identity confirmed.

Cellsymbiosis Therapy

Cellsymbiosis Therapy (CST) provides an ethical and therapeutic foundation to view people in all their variability and uniqueness, and to treat them accordingly.

Chelation Therapy

Often seen as one of the most effective methods of detoxification, chelation therapy is administrated by infusion, which flushes out toxic heavy metals.

Laser Therapy

One of the most effective and versatile therapies available to biological medicine.

Infusion Therapy

Targeted support for the regeneration of cells via the most direct route. Special admixtures for prevention and for every type of disease.

Special Therapies

We specialise in these therapeutic methods and offer a wide range of choices for every individual.