Dr. med. Christian Bahr

Dr. med. Christian Bahr


My parents released me into this world with manual skills and artistic senses – and I am very grateful to them for this to this day and every day. Following my own inclinations, my main subjects at school were biology and fine arts. My subsequent medical studies from 1983-1989 in Tübingen and my continuing interest and fulfilling moment in fine arts and crafts have determined the course of my life. I completed my medical studies with a focus on facial surgery, several years of psychoanalysis and a further specialization in anatomy as a research assistant.

After obtaining my license to practice medicine, I worked in the fields of obstetrics/gynaecology, urology, surgery and heart surgery – before embarking on the long road to becoming a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (accreditation in 2004). Plastic surgery is considered to be the surgery of the body’s surface; in fact, this specialty combines the fields of burns medicine, hand and breast surgery, microsurgery and aesthetic surgery. From 2005 to 2017, I ran a plastic surgery practice in Berlin, offering a wide range of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. During this time I also produced medical illustrations, drawings and portrait sculptures. During all these years, my criticism of conventional medicine grew to the extent that I became more involved with the background to the history of medicine. In particular, the study of the history of vaccination and the idea of vaccination since modern times with Edward Jenner at the end of the 18th century, which has been promoted by financially strong interest groups from the beginning until today, allowed me to properly classify the corona years with all their facets.

The attentive observer cannot fail to notice the extent to which health today is endangered by malnutrition, stress, toxins, alienation, comfort and indoctrination in all physical, mental and spiritual matters. Maintaining health into old age is increasingly becoming a challenge and sometimes a lifelong task.

More and more patients are looking for alternative ways out of their illness, away from symptom-fighting medicine and towards a cause-oriented approach to healing.

I see it as my task to recognize and communicate this path in each individual case. Based on orthomolecular and regulative medicine, the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities at the Thera Praxisklinik offer the best conditions for this.

For the patient, following this path means: doing what is necessary with decisiveness and self-responsibility. . . or not.

Give a starving man a fish and he will eat for a day – teach him to fish and he will never go hungry again. Lao Tzu

Experience teaches us that good health is essentially determined by good habits, good company, good genes, good thoughts, a good conscience, faith, patience, kindness and serenity.

Every illness can be cured – but not every patient (Hildegard von Bingen)

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