Treatment of Lyme disease (Borreliosis)


Borreliosis is a polysymptomatic disease that is not only hard to treat, but is even difficult to diagnose. It is a great imitator of other diseases and expresses itself in a wide variety of symptoms. Borreliosis imitates more than 200 patterns of disease. Accordingly, Borreolosis is one of the most frequently overlooked infectious diseases in Germany, with 60 000 – 100 000 new infections per year. In many cases, the disease pattern of chronic Borreliosis develops.


A Borreliosis infection can be detected with the aid of a suitable lab test. Since in vitro cultivation is difficult and very time-consuming, serological tests are based on a specific antibody response in the ELISA and Western blot tests. As the Western blot test is not only specific, but also more sensitive than the ELISA test, both tests should be conducted simultaneously. Energetic tests can also offer hints.

Borreliosis treatment

In many cases the antibiotic treatment of chronic Borreliosis does not lead to full recovery. The guidelines of the Deutschen Borreliose Gesellschaft (German Borreliosis Society, May 2011) refers to this explicitly: ‘A successful antibiotic treatment is only possible in the presence of an efficient immune system. With regard to antibiosis, moreover, additional problems occur due to the natural and acquired immunity of the Borrelia. The pathogens can evade the immune system via so-called escape-mechanisms.”

Complementary medicine, however, offers good possibilities to boost the immune system and to treat the causes and symptoms successfully.

We use a combination of oral natural substances, Infusion therapy, Laser therapy, Heavy-metal Chelation therapy, Ozone therapy and Bionic 880 Photon therapy.

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