Laboratory diagnostics – a necessary basis

Hochwertige Labordiagnostik gibt unseren Patienten Sicherheit

High-quality laboratory diagnostics give our patients security for the upcoming treatments.

Laboratory diagnostics are an essential part of diagnostics. A diagnosis must be made before any therapy. High-quality laboratory diagnostics are absolutely essential. It has long been established as a standard in conventional medical practice. Laboratory diagnostics confirm or refute suspicions, provide certainty and clarity as well as an opportunity to assess progress and monitor treatment. There is no way around it in biological practice either – laboratory tests are an essential cornerstone of diagnostics.

At THERA Praxisklinik, the most detailed laboratory diagnostics are therefore an important basis and guide all further therapeutic steps.

We use laboratory diagnostics in the following areas:

  • Complete status of micronutrients/vital substances and nutritive diagnostics (including minerals, trace elements, vitamins, fatty acid status, acid-base status)
  • Laboratory diagnostics in relation to the organs and organ system (including classic blood count, hormone status, neurohormone status, risk markers, inflammation status and antibody diagnostics)
  • Detoxification capacity
  • Immunodiagnostics
  • Mitochondrial status, energy metabolism and stress diagnostics (oxidative/nitrosative stress, antioxidant capacity)
  • Various allergy tests (e.g. mould allergy, endoprosthesis intolerance) and toxicology/examination for harmful substances
  • HPU/KPU diagnostics
  • Infectious serology (infectiology & microbiology) including extensive Lyme disease diagnostics
  • Gastrointestinal diagnostics and food intolerances (including disturbed intestinal permeability, microbiome analysis, pH value, digestive performance, intestinal inflammation)
  • Dental diagnostics (RANTES, mercaptans and thioehter)
  • Special diagnostics for tumour diseases and early detection of cancer
  • Gynaecological diagnostics

“The gods have placed the diagnosis before every therapy, but every diagnosis remains gossip as long as it does not help therapeutically” – old medical wisdom

We work with a number of the best laboratories in Germany for our patients:

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