Therapeutic Apheresis as an innovative and highly efficient form of plasma purification

Dunkelfeld-Mikroskopie eines Blutstropfens

Fig.: Dark-field microscopy of a blood drop. On the left before blood washing with so-called “money roll formation”, on the right after blood washing with purified plasma and newly formed cells.

Blood washing as an innovative and highly efficient form of plasma purification

Blood washing or apheresis (from Greek apherein = to separate) is a recognized therapeutic procedure and an innovative form of plasma purification and immune modulation. Blood washing simply means what the name implies: the blood is washed and purified. Pathogenic or excess components are washed out. The procedure of blood washing has recently gained a lot of importance and awareness as a therapy option for Long Covid Syndrome or Post-Vac Syndrome.

At THERA Praxisklinik, we perform blood washing as part of an integrative treatment concept. Basically, two different procedures are used: “small” blood washing, in which about 2-3 liters of blood are filtered, and “large” blood washing, in which many times more, namely about 50-70 liters, can be filtered. Both procedures will be explained in more detail below.

This therapy is mainly used for chronic diseases, the cause of which is often unexplained or which prove to be resistant to treatment. We also regularly perform blood washing for patients with long or post-COVID symptoms or post-vac syndrome.

At THERA Praxisklinik in Berlin, we use equipment from DIAMED Medizintechnik, a company that for more than 35 years has stood for innovation, reliability and quality among university clinics, dialysis centers, hospitals and physicians in private practice.

BMG initiative Long COVID: 40 million instead of 100 million

July 12, 2023 – What’s next?

Die Long-COVID-Initiative des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit

Our Federal Minister of Health has pulled out his wallet. The federal government is making about 40 million available for the further care of COVID victims. Originally, 100 million was promised. In concrete terms, this means that an information portal for patients and physicians has been launched (, an initiative for health care research has been started (to develop drugs and therapies), and a „round table“ has been set up.

Isn’t the pandemic finally over?

Many millions of people in Germany still suffer from long-covoid symptoms. In addition, there is an unreported number of people who report complaints in connection with the vaccination.

Dr. med. Carmen Scheibenbogen: „I receive daily inquiries from often desperate relatives about people who are lying at home without medical care. And care structures for these patients are virtually non-existent, not even a family doctor goes there. And we also have the problem: there are no centers for these people. And the doctors still have little knowledge of how to treat this disease….“

Source: Youtube, Zeit online, length: 1:36, click on the photo to open the video.

The information portal that has now been set up is intended to help and improve the care situation. It contains information on the current state of knowledge and research as well as a service telephone for those affected. A closer look at the site quickly reveals that the information is well bundled, clear and comprehensible. However, they tend to summarize what we all already know. And where should those affected be referred via the service telephone if there are simply no adequate contact points and responsibilities? (see quote from Dr. Scheibenbogen)

Also a drug and therapy research is in principle a good and correct thought. But when will this help arrive?

The many Long-COVID sufferers will probably have to continue to have a lot of patience. And put their hopes on waiting lists for the time being.

We are already here for you TODAY! Our holistic approach to treatment (including blood washing therapy) has proven to be very helpful in the care of Long-COVID or Post-Vac Syndrome patients. The physicians of THERA Praxisklinik have attended various advanced training courses on the subject of Long-COVID in recent years and Dr. Heinrich himself has given several lectures for specialists.

In this lecture, Dr. Ralf Heinrich discusses the treatment options for Long COVID symptoms at the THERA Praxisklinik.

What is blood washing good for?

Due to increasing exposure to environmental toxins and stressors and associated inflammatory processes, it is becoming more and more common for our body’s natural cleansing systems to become overwhelmed and need support.

Every day, our detoxification and elimination organs (such as the liver, kidneys or intestines) do great work for us without us even noticing. Our liver, for example, works 24 hours a day to ensure that as many of the pollutants we absorb as possible are broken down and eliminated. But more and more often, and not least due to our overeating, it is becoming more and more difficult for it to do its job.

If we now carry out a blood cleansing, we not only detoxify the organism in a very concrete way, but also promote reconstruction & balance of the self-regulation and the body’s own detoxification mechanisms by solving the overload.

How is the blood washed and what is filtered?

Therapeutic apheresis (from Greek apherein = to separate), colloquially also referred to as blood washing or blood purification procedures, is a method of extracorporeal, i.e. outside the body, removal of pathogenic or excess components (proteins, protein-bound substances and cells) from the patient’s blood or blood plasma. After removal of these substances, the “purified” blood is returned. These pathogens can originate from the field of metabolism, from inflammatory processes or from a wide variety of sources of environmental toxins. They can place a heavy burden on the entire organism and thus lead to a wide variety of diseases. If these toxins are removed, the metabolism, the immune system and the self-healing powers can regain a natural balance.

Which pathogenic substances can be filtered?

  • Circulating immune complexes or proteins/molecules from inflammatory processes (e.g. paraproteins, infection toxins, haptens, cytokines)
  • Various environmental toxins such as heavy metals, solvents or drugs
  • Polluting metabolites such as cholesterols or lipoproteins

How do “small” and “large” blood washes differ?

We have been performing “small” blood washing (=Thera Mito Apheresis ®) at the THERA Praxisklinik in Berlin since around 2012. Here, the state-of-the-art membrane filtration apheresis method is used, whereby the blood is filtered and purified through special, “intelligent” molecular sieves. A total of about 2-3 liters of blood are filtered during this therapy. Blood sampling and blood return are usually performed through the arm veins via special, metal-free indwelling vein cannulas. The whole procedure takes about 4 hours and the blood flow is 60ml/minute.

Geräteaufbau (links) und Filtersystem (rechts) bei der Blutwäsche

Fig.: Device setup (left) and filter system (right) in Thera Mito Apheresis ®.

Large blood wash

In “large” blood washing (=Thera Mito Hyperthermia Adsorbtion ®), on the other hand, treatment is carried out at a much higher flow rate. The blood flow is 300ml/min and is thus increased 6-fold. In addition, this method uses a new filter system (adsorber technology), which is even more effective. Tiny resin beads of various molecular sizes are used and specifically bind toxic substances from the blood. Using this technology, a surface area of 63000 m² can be achieved, which is roughly the size of 8 soccer fields.

Another special feature of this procedure is the externally generated whole-body hyperthermia, which takes place simultaneously with blood purification. This means that during the treatment the blood is heated to a temperature of 39.5 °C. The healing effect of increased body temperature has been known since ancient times and is gaining importance again today, e.g. also in cancer treatment. The most important benefits of hyperthermia treatment lie in the production of heat shock proteins, the increase in blood circulation and the antimicrobial effect.

The entire implementation of Thera Mito Hyperthermia Adsorption is about 5 hours. A special catheter is placed in the groin (femoral vein). This is low impact and hardly painful. Patients are given a mild sedative (general anesthesia is not necessary) and a team of specialists is present to ensure a complication-free procedure. We have been performing this form of blood purification in our practice premises since 2019. It enables highly efficient detoxification of all relevant inflammatory proteins as well as toxic heavy metals and chemicals, restoring oxygen and nutrient supply to all tissues. At the same time, there is no significant loss of nutritive substances: Healthy components such as electrolytes or vital substances are completely preserved.

Die Oberfläche der Harzkügelchen zur Blutwäsche beträgt ca. 8 Fußballfelder

Fig.: Within the framework of Thera Mito Hyperthermia Adsorption ®, resin beads with a total surface area of 63000 m² bind pathogenic substances from the blood. This area corresponds to the size of about 8 soccer fields.

Blood washing is part of our integrative treatment concept

When we perform blood washing on our patients, this always involves appropriate pre- and post-treatment care. For example, a blood sample is taken beforehand, among other things to check the coagulation function. In addition to the blood washing, we recommend regulatory therapies such as neural therapy or autonomic posture regulation according to Norbert Fuhr to our patients. In addition, it is recommended to support the blood purification and detoxification with appropriate binding agents such as chlorella or zeolite as well as a targeted intestinal and liver treatment.

We combine the apheresis itself with principles of mitochondrial medicine and the addition of regulating and expelling substances. This results in a clearly measurable and increased effectiveness of the elimination of toxins, which we can verify in laboratory analyses. In addition, the tolerance of the therapy session is improved.

In this presentation, Dr. Ralf Heinrich discusses the treatment options for Long COVID symptoms at the THERA Praxisklinik. From 01:04:00 the Thera Mito Apheresis ® or Thera Mito Hyperthermia Adsorbtion ® is described and explained in more detail.

What is the difference between blood washing in the THERA practice and the well-known procedures such as H.E.L.P. Apheresis® or other common apheresis procedures?

H.E.L.P. Apheresis® is a very well-tested blood purification method. It was developed as early as 1985 and has since been widely used, especially in patients with lipometabolic disorders, as this procedure mainly filters out fats and certain inflammatory substances from the blood. Inflammatory substances are filtered out of the blood. This is made possible by the administration of heparin. In contrast, other common apheresis procedures use membrane filtration to filter harmful substances out of the blood. More than with H.E.L.P. Apheresis®, environmental toxins and various harmful metabolic products can also be filtered out here. This type of filtration is therefore more comprehensive. THERA Mito Apheresis ® is very similar to other common apheresis procedures, but differs in its implementation in that THERA Mito Apheresis® is subject to a holistic treatment concept (as described above). This means, for example, that the blood washing is embedded in naturopathic infusions and, among other things, the blood is additionally “oxyvenated” (=oxygenation) during the procedure.

THERA Mito Hyperthermia Adsorption® is a further development of the above-mentioned methods. Here, filtration takes place by means of small resin beads, the filter quantity is many times higher and the treatment effect is additionally increased by the supplementary application of whole-body hyperthermia.

A comparison of the different blood washing methods can be seen in the following table.


H.E.L.P.® Apheresis

other common apheresis procedures

THERA Mito Apherese®

THERA Mito Hyperthermie-adsorption®

Treatment duration (h)





Application experience (years, approximate) – 05/23